• “Decades of experience, a perfect balance of build-quality and value, a fading commodity called ‘customer service’, and most importantly truly great sounding products.”

    Brad Sundberg – Wired Technologies Group, Orlando, FL

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  • “With high-end crossovers, an epoxy sealed design and quality drivers you can offer your customer a bookshelf experience and the comfort of a lifetime warranty that installs with no fuss.”

    Kyle Tripp – Cranes Sound and Vision Cape Cod, MA

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  • “The new Encompass Theater line sounded awesome and it’s no wonder they were one of the most awarded lines at the show.”

    Ron Snyder – Electronic Solutions of Greenville North Carolina

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TDG Technology


A world first! We are the only speaker company to utilize this technology. Normal stereo in one speaker technologies use two tweeters placed close together to deliver the left and right signals from the source.

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Dennis Sage Home Entertainment (DSHE) awarded its annual Most Valuable Partner (MVP) Award to The DaVinci Group for “continued excellence, innovation, and spirit.”

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