TVs Era as Top Entertainment Device May Be Over

Surprising new data from an annual survey conducted by consulting firm Accenture suggests that consumer preferences are changing in terms of where they prefer to watch TV programming content. For decades now, the vast majority of consumers said their number one choice is to watch TV content on a TV set. But now, that appears to be changing…

Accenture’s research report is titled Winning Experiences in the New Video World and it has reported, for the first time in history, that more consumers choose to watch TV content on their desktop or laptop personal computer, than on a traditional television set. This news is sure to send a chill down the spine of the TV manufacturing industry – a significant segment worth hundreds of billions of dollars in sales (at factory cost) globally.

Time to Change Your System Designs? Maybe

But this news also has serious ramifications for integrators – most of whom for years have centered their system designs around a central or main family television set. Is it time to switch to a computer monitor? From the results of this survey, we’d say the answer is, “maybe.”

Accenture conducts this survey annually, with an online sample this year of 26,000 consumers worldwide. Respondents had to be older than 14-years old. In 2014, fully two-thirds of respondents said unequivocally, they prefer to watch TV content on a TV set. Last year, a solid majority still chose TV sets as their first choice for watching TV content, with 52% saying so.

A Dramatic Swing in Results

But then, in the survey this year, there was a dramatic swing, with that number dropping to just 23% of respondents identifying the TV set as their primary choice. At the same time, the number of people who said they prefer to watch TV content on a computer monitor jumped from 32% last year – to the majority of 42% of the respondents this year – a huge swing in both results.

“The dominance of the TV set as the undisputed go-to entertainment device is ending,” said Gavin Mann, global managing director for Accenture’s broadcast business. “While a great number of people still watch plenty of TV shows on TV sets, our research uncovers a rapid acceleration in their preference for viewing on other digital devices – especially laptops, desktops and smartphones.”

‘TV Everywhere’

Part of what seems to be behind this switch is the dramatic rise in the number of entertainment and media companies to offer over-the-top “TV everywhere” options.

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