TDG Technology

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 7.14.43 PMSTT Stereo Tweeter Technology:  A world first! We are the only speaker company to utilize this technology. Normal stereo in one speaker technologies use two tweeters placed close together to deliver the left and right signals from the source. This configuration causes compression and distortion in the music as waves from each tweeter interact with the other. Stereo Tweeter Technology utilizes a carefully designed dual voice coil tweeter that assures better acoustic delivery and low distortion thereby providing a more musical experience.



Never Rust: Each of our steel speaker grills are zinc coated before powder coating is applied. This assures maximum long term resistance to rust.


EZ Hold Tweeter Bridge: Recognizing the difficulties of installing speakers while on ladders In-Ceiling speakers are designed with a tweeter bridge that can be held in one hand to securely hold the speaker while climbing ladders and during installation.


Weatherized Crossovers: All outdoor and many TDG Audio speakers utilize a proprietary weatherized process to protect the speaker and its components from the damages of high moisture environments.