CEPro – SpringDeck Puts CI Vendors, Products, Specs, Collateral, Analytics in One Place

CEDIA Gem: Through the SpringDeck sales and business app, home technology integrators can view and access relevant vendors, products and documents through a single portal.

Julie Jacobson · September 10, 2014

The integrators at Tulsa, Okla.-based BlueSpeed AV wanted a better way to present their products and services to customers. They despised having to search through binders, Web sites, hard drives and emails to locate images and documentation for each product from each vendor.

So they developed SpringDeck, a sales tool for CE pros, which presents offerings from numerous vendors on a single app – lifestyle images, product photos, wiring diagrams, videos, sales brochures, spec sheets and more.

Salespeople can quickly find consumer-friendly graphics and videos to show to clients, but they can also look up pricing, spec sheets and other dealer-related information from the same interface – no fumbling around.


But that’s not all. SpringDeck also allows dealers to customize the app for individual clients, including whatever documents they choose, so that customers can flip through (and share) the information at their leisure.

On the backend, SpringDeck offers an analytics tool that can track what the dealers are showing during their presentations … and what the clients are viewing afterwards. The customer-based analytics can help dealers tailor their follow-up calls to the interests of their prospects.

The SpringDeck iOS app launched in May, but the first big public debut is at CEDIA Expo 2014.

At least one manufacturer is sold on the platform.

Daniel Kippycash, founder of The Davinci Group says, “Our team was so impressed that we purchased enough licenses for every one of our employees, sales reps and all of our dealers.”
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