Can you ever have enough power?
Power Up with TDG Amps
TDG Vanguard multi-channel amplifiers have proven to be a big hit with dealers. Once they realized that our amps could hook up to incredibly tough loads and deliver 24/7 for months on end without a problem, orders have doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled!
Our amps measured in REAL watts, not marketing watts.
Our amps measured in REAL watts, not marketing watts.
A quick word about watts and amplification…
As many of you know, we are a bunch of engineering geeks and aren’t so good at stretching the truth when it comes to things like amplifier power.
So when we say 50 watts, we really mean a true 50 watts. No exaggeration. The same goes for channel amplification — we really mean a true 50 watts per all 8 or 12 channels in our amps. Most other manufacturers tend to…umm… overestimate their wattage and would probably rate our amps at 75W or even 100W per channel.
Vanguard Dynamics
Vanguard Digital Amps by The DaVinci Group
12ch x 50W
8ch x 50W Digital Amp
Specs for Both Model Amplifiers   Datasheet
Bridgeable design level control for each channel
TPro™ digital protection circuit
DigiPro™ Class D design for maximum sound quality & cooling
Auxilliary Inputs with control trigger, internal bus-pass for multiple amp use
Remote powerOn AC/DC, audio sense triggers
2 Rack units tall, rack ears included
Gold input terminals
Dimensions (HxWxD): 6″ x 17-1/2″ x 16-1/8″
Weight: 50.3lbs
Vanguard Dynamics new DA-2125 and DA-2050
More About The DaVinci Group
The DaVinci Group has created an entire business model and design process that brings our expertise, vision and experience to become partners with our dealers. Our product selection, performance level and value are all driven by our partners.
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