CEPro – DaVinci Group Shipping 8 New Speakers

DaVinci Group Shipping 8 New Speakers

The DaVinci Group is now offering new products that include five new architectural speakers and three new in-room, box speakers.


The California audio company says it is shipping eight new loudspeaker products.

Robert Archer · April 24, 2015

According to the California-based company The DaVinci Group, its business model is predicated working as business partners with its dealers.

Supporting those dealers with new products, the West Coast manufacturer has announced that it is shipping several new products, including a choice of five architectural speaker products, two subwoofers and an active three-way monitor.

The speakers can be used for a variety of applications, including home theater, whole-house audio and traditional two-channel stereo installations. DaVinci adds the products feature its latest industrial design concepts to facilitate their installation into a wide range of home environments.

Here is a brief look at each of the new speakers:

  • NFC-41 In-Ceiling Speaker: This product features a 4-inch polypropylene woofer and a 1-inch pivoting tweeter
  • NFC-63 Angled Speaker: This product utilizes a 6.5-inch Kevlar woofer, a 1-inch pivoting tweeter, and a +/-3dB switch to help tailor the speaker’s tonal footprint
  • NFC-83 Angled Speaker: This speaker features an 8-inch Kevlar woofer, a 1-inch pivoting tweeter and a +/-3dB switch to aid its sound quality regardless of its room placement
  • NFLCR-53 Speaker: This LCR features a pair of 5-inch Kevlar woofers that sandwich a 1-inch pivoting Titanium tweeter
  • NFLCR-SUB Subwoofer: This soon-to-be-available product incorporates a pair of 5-inch long-throw offers and provides a mounting depth of just three inches
  • ES-DPM8 Active Monitor:This product employs a woofer with a 2-inch voice coil and a Titanium diaphragm compression high-frequency driver. The product also integrates a 2×500 watt-per-channel amplifier, DSP processing and Ethernet capabilities
  • ES-SUB112 Subwoofer: Internally this product features a 12-inch woofer with a 4-inch voice coil. It is capable of producing 128dB SPL.
  • ES-SUB212 Subwoofer:Using a pair of 12-inch woofers that include 4-inch voice coils, the product can produce up to 134dB SPL