3 ‘Ps’ Key to Integration Success
3Ps to Integration Success
An integration company can do many things. But sometimes, the toughest thing to do is to generate a reasonable profit. There are just so many moving parts to the business – coordinating schedules with your team, pulling specs and designs together, getting pieces and parts ordered and delivered exactly when you need them, coordinating schedules with other trades on a jobsite, and more.
There are just so many opportunities for “balls to be dropped” – and dropped balls can eat up your profits. [read more]
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TDG Expands National Sales Team
Appoints Sales and Marketing, Inc. as Michigan Representative
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SAMI Website
The DaVinci Group (TDG) announced today that it has appointed Sales and Marketing, Inc. (SAMI) as its new sales representative firm covering the State of Michigan territory. This new appointment is effective immediately.
SAMI was launched in 2004 and is well-known by Michigan dealers for their broad mix of mid-to-high-end product lines. The company has earned a reputation for unsurpassed customer service with dealers throughout the lower and upper peninsulas of the state.
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Medieval Gauntlet
Running the Digital Gauntlet to Referral Success
Ask any integrator where their sales come from and how they market their company and the vast majority of them will give the same answer – from referrals. And when they say referrals, they typically mean satisfied past customers who send friends and acquaintances to you. Perhaps you feel the same way, that referrals are a prime source of business for your company.
For many years, the referrals that tended to generate the most business came from your satisfied customers telling their friends (who had visited their homes and presumably liked what they saw and heard) to call your company if they were interested in something similar.
But times have changed… [read more]
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Further Expansion of Sales Infrastructure
North Peak Sales Appionted Representative for the Ohio Valley Region
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Rusty North
The DaVinci Group has appointed long-time sales representative company North Peak Sales as its sales representative for the Ohio Valley region. This new appointment takes effect immediately.
North Peak Sales was founded in the Pittsburgh, PA area 25 years ago by Russell “Rusty” North, a transplanted West Texas native who responded to an opportunity to launch a sales representative company initially focused on car audio products. Within just a few short years, the company grew in size and stature – and in product categories as well, adding residential electronics brands to round out its portfolio.
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