August 2015 Aviso TDG Newsletter – New Brand Slogan Displays The DaVinci Group’s Commitment to Innovation

New Brand Slogan Displays The DaVinci Group’s Commitment to Innovation
The DaVinci Group, LLC announced today that it has created and launched an all-new brand slogan designed to communicate its deeply-held commitment to what is rapidly becoming a lost art in the technology world—the art of innovation.
Artistry in Innovation
The new company slogan “Artistry in Innovation” captures the spirit of visionary creativity – that delicate balancing of peak elements of both the science, and the art, of technical innovation. [read more]
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High Resolution Audio
Sounds Good to Me!
The Emerging Market for High-Resolution Audio
Trends in technology aren’t always equally beneficial to all industry participants. Consider that over the last five years or so, the major consumer electronics industry trends – smartphones and tablet computers – tend to benefit only a handful of huge suppliers (Apple and Samsung come to mind) and not necessarily integrators or specialty AV retailers.
But now the newest tech trend, the emergence of high-resolution audio, serves up a host of important benefits that integrators and specialty retailers need to carefully consider…and enthusiastically support. [read more]
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Power Up Your Company Sales with a Client Presentation Turbocharger
Meet the clever tool that will make your sales job dramatically easier… And better.
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How much of a headache is it to make sure that your salespeople have all of the right product information and marketing materials with them on the brands and models you offer when they head out to make a presentation to a prospective client? A big headache, right? It’s often hard to get this information from the manufacturer or their reps, and then it’s constantly changing with no notice to you… Meet SpringDeck.
SpringDeck allows you to easily search, add favorites, present , and sell
TDG Integrators/Dealers: The DaVinci Group generously offers each of its dealers one FREE SpringDeck license for their business. So if you are a DaVinci Group dealer, check with your rep and get set up today!
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