New Products Just Keep Coming!
New Speakers, Subwoofer & Brackets Shipping in September
The DaVinci Group is pleased to announce five new speaker models and two new pre-construction brackets will be shipping in the month of September. The new speakers include two in-ceiling models, two in-wall models, and one subwoofer.
New Products from The DaVinci Group
These eagerly anticipated products include three new speakers (NFC-81A, NFLCR-51, and NFW-61) sold under TDG Audio brand, two new speakers (CSC-601STT and SUB-10) and two pre-construction brackets (PCBC-4 and PCBW-6) offered under the Vanguard Dynamics brand.
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Creating a Spectacular Showroom
Help Your Clients Visualize What’s Possible
Rockwall, TX-based integrator Omni Audio Video is busy putting the finishing touches on two brand new showrooms that were designed from the ground up for a new facility they recently built. This new Rockwall location (just outside of Dallas) is a combination of retail store and custom integration showroom, often referred to as a custom retail or hybrid retail store concept.
Like many integrators, Omni AV was faced with an almost dizzying array of options in designing the systems and selecting the appropriate A/V component configurations as they work with a variety of product suppliers. [read more]
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Church Audio Installation
Helping a New Jersey Church Better Communicate with a Higher Power
Churches can be a valuable source of comfort and inspiration to its congregants who regularly come together to collectively celebrate their faith and beliefs. Especially during a time of crisis, the church and its leaders can be invaluable in helping families deal with personally difficult situations. Dan and Connie Kippycash witnessed this fact first hand as they visited the church of members of their family in New Jersey.
Dan, CEO of The DaVinci Group, and his wife Connie were visiting their niece, Hope Bertelsen, who had a rare neuroblastoma cancer. Hope and her family found great support and comfort at their church, but when Hope began receiving radiation treatment for her cancer, she lost all hearing in one ear and experienced serious auditory changes in the other. These changes made it extremely difficult for her to hear the service she and her family had come to rely on.
Kippycash inspected the church’s sound system and found a disparate collection of older equipment… [read more]
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6 Tips for Maximizing the CEDIA “Investment”
Suggestions for Making the Annual CEDIA Expo a More Productive Use of Your Time
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Yes, trade shows can be fun. Yes, there will be a slew of parties with free food and free booze. Yes, you can hit the bars and raise a toast or two (or more) with all of your industry buddies. But more than anything, a trade show is a significant investment for your company.
On the eve of yet another CEDIA Expo next month in Dallas, we thought we’d offer our top tips on how to maximize your trade show “investment”… [read more]
CEDIA EXPO 2015 - DaVinci Group Booth #1712
SEE THE DAVINCI GROUP AT CEDIA: No matter what, please be sure that your plans at next month’s CEDIA Expo include visiting Booth #1712 where you’ll see all the latest products from The DaVinci Group.
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