Leading Arizona Integrator Honors The DaVinci Group with MVP Award at CEDIA EXPO

Award Recognizes The DaVinci Group for ‘Continued Excellence, Innovation & Spirit’


Ontario, CA – November 19, 2015 – Dennis Sage Home Entertainment, Inc., one of the largest custom integration companies in Arizona and a top ranked dealer in the U.S., presented its annual Most Valuable Partner (MVP) Award to The DaVinci Group, Inc., a leading manufacturer of custom integration products, at last month’s CEDIA Expo in Dallas. The award, one of only a handful the dealer gives out each year, specifically recognizes The DaVinci Group for “continued excellence, innovation, and spirit.”

Dennis Sage Home Entertainment (DSHE) starting honoring their top vendors with MVP awards about ten years ago. At that time, the company recognized that their success was dependent in large part on the relationships they had with their top vendors. While some dealers take vendor relationships for granted, DSHE wanted to show key vendors their appreciation via the awarding of annual Dennis Sage Home Entertainment Most Valuable Partner trophies.

According to DSHE, each year the management team meets for the purpose of nominating and then selecting those vendors whom the team agrees went above and beyond the norm to support their efforts that year. The DaVinci Group exceeded this threshold handily, according to the DSHE team.

“The DaVinci Group was an obvious choice for us this year and here’s why: There had been a few instances where we identified an issue that needed to be addressed and made The DaVinci Group aware of the situation,” said Marty Hayse, Director of Sales and Purchasing for Dennis Sage Home Entertainment, Inc. “To our surprise, each one of these issues were completely resolved to our satisfaction in less than 120 days. And in one case, there was an issue that required a product to be modified. Remarkably, in less than 30-days we had received engineering drawings of the newly changed model. We had no choice but to recognize the incredible responsiveness of The DaVinci Group, a true partner of Dennis Sage Home Entertainment.”

The DaVinci Group is well-known for its award-winning line of custom integration products such as in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, home theater speakers, subwoofers, multi-zone amplifiers, outdoor speaker systems, and more . But the company is also popular with its dealers because of its industry-leading, innovative programs and policies – such as its popular WarrantyPLUS program – that better support the custom integration channel. These programs are the product of an experienced management team with long careers at some of the most innovative and respected brands in the integration industry.

“Our team at The DaVinci Group goes to extreme lengths to provide a higher level of customer service for all of our dealers,” said Jeff Francisco, President of The DaVinci Group, LLC . “We don’t do it for recognition, we do it because it is the right thing to do – it’s built into our DNA. Still, it is great to get positive feedback from dealers – especially dealers like Dennis Sage Home Entertainment, one of the finest and most respected custom integrators in the business. To be considered their MVP is humbling and deeply appreciated. We will proudly display the MVP trophy in a prominent position at The DaVinci Group World Headquarters in Ontario, California.”

In a short ceremony at the 2015 CEDIA Expo, executives Dennis Sage and Marty Hayse of Dennis Sage Home Entertainment presented an attractive etched Plexiglas trophy to Jeff Francisco and Alex Chiou of The DaVinci Group. No one associated with The DaVinci Group was aware they had won the MVP award until that moment at the Expo.

To learn more about Dennis Sage Home Entertainment and the types of products and systems they install for consumers, visit: www.dshe.net.

See more on The DaVinci Group and its award-winning line of products by visiting: www.tdgaudio.com.

About Dennis Sage Home Entertainment, Inc
Dennis Sage Home Entertainment, Inc. was established in May 1995 with the sole purpose of providing incredibly attentive service in the design, sale, and installation of quality audio/video home entertainment solutions. With only a single two-man crew at launch, DSHE has grown to become respected industry-wide as a leader in the community and has been recognized as one of the top 50 integrators in the United States for several years running.

Our 27,000 square foot facility is located in North West Phoenix and is specifically designed to display the myriad of products desired by today’s sophisticated clientele. Our goal is to make all your home entertainment options easy and understandable with lifestyle settings that show a wide variety of applications.

You can learn more about Dennis Sage Home Entertainment’s products and services at www.dshe.net.

About The DaVinci Group, Inc.

The DaVinci Group was founded by a group of custom integration industry leaders with a history of creating many of the most iconic products for some of the best-known brands in the industry. Members of our team were responsible for creating award-winning products worth over $1 billion in industry sales.

But that was only the beginning, as this team has come together to push the envelope again and create a whole new line of leading-edge architectural audio products for the custom integrator that are both high-performance and high-value. Products are marketed under the TDG Audio, Vanguard Dynamics, and Blue Aura brands and cover a wide variety of product categories and price points. Products created by The DaVinci Group brands include: architectural loudspeakers, home theater speakers, subwoofers, outdoor speaker systems, wireless tabletop music systems, multi-zone amplifiers, speaker switchers, volume controls, IR systems, accessories and more.

Learn more about The DaVinci Group by visiting, www.TDGaudio.com, www.VanguardDynamics.com, and www.BlueAura-audio.com.

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