Humbled to Win an Award that Really Matters
The DaVinci Group Honored with MVP Award from Arizona Dealer
Although we run the risk of sounding like we’re tooting our own horn, The DaVinci Group was honored recently by one of our own dealers – and we’re humbled and proud to be recognized with an award that we think is in many ways more meaningful than many of the magazine awards you read about.
Dennis Sage Home Entertainment, Inc., one of the largest custom integration companies in Arizona and a top ranked dealer in the US, presented TDG with its annual Most Valuable Partner (MVP) Award at last month’s CEDIA Expo…
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Top 2016 Trends for Integrators
CEDIA Research Reveals…
Research Growth
At this Fall’s CEDIA Expo, the trade association shared some preliminary data from their annual Size and Scope of the Residential Electronic System Market survey (S&S survey) to provide some real and actionable data to integrators. This helps them benchmark their performance versus the industry overall and also to smoke out some areas of opportunity that they might not have otherwise considered.
This year, the association had some surprises…good surprises. [read more]
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DTS Play-Fi
Wireless Universe Continues to Expand with New Brands Supporting DTS Play-Fi
There was an interesting announcement at October’s CEDIA Expo – DTS Play-Fi was expanding with several new brands, including some respected high-end names, joining the group. Once the bane of the integrators’ existence, wireless technologies continue to gain acceptance in the consumer marketplace. Coupled with the growth in demand for streaming services, wireless multiroom streaming systems – like those from Sonos, Bose, and others – continue to gain ground.
More and more integrators report client requests to include wireless music system products and streaming services as part of their overall system architecture. The continued growth of Wi-Fi has been a major contributing factor to greater consumer adoption of technologies that can leverage that wireless backbone system with the addition of expanded options and capabilities. [read more]
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Advanced Surround Technologies at Expo
“Invisible” Atmos and Others Promoted at 2015 CEDIA Expo
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Dolby Atmos
New advances in surround sound technology such as Dolby Labs Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro-3D all enjoyed much greater visibility and promotion at CEDIA last month. Multiple manufacturers set up demonstrations of the technology, which promises to reinvigorate consumer interest in sophisticated home theater installations.
But what is an invisible Atmos system? As you most likely know, Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro-3D all utilize typical ear-level surround speakers for the normal surround sound movie content. Oftentimes these systems involve traditional box speakers mounted aside and under the screen along with box speakers in the rear. But the latest surround technologies add a new dimension in the soundfield… [read more]
Dolby Atmos