– Two Rep Firms Join Forces to Create Mega NY Metro Rep

Two Rep Firms Join Forces to Create Mega NY Metro Rep

We learned this week that two large New York Metro area rep firms have joined together to create a mega-rep firm offering an impressively large assortment of largely custom integration-oriented lines. The two firms are Audio Associates of Somerset, NJ and Thea & Schoen of Clifton, NJ…and the news is sure to shake up the market.

The news of two major New York Metro rep firms joining forces is, in this case, particularly intriguing as each firm has built a business serving the custom integration channel…but from two entirely different perspectives. Thea & Schoen comes to custom integration from a lighting and associated products background, and Audio Associates approaches custom integration from a solid A/V background. Each has built up an impressive assortment in its own right – but by coming together, the new entity offers a mind-blowing array of brands covering most every aspect of custom integration.

The new organization will be known as Thea A/V, according to Bill Thea, whom we interviewed by phone on Wednesday. Thea, who will head the new organization, was quite enthusiastic about the situation and sees immediate benefits – as well as future opportunities for further growth.



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