March 2016 Aviso TDG Newsletter

New Single-Point Stereo Speaker
The DaVinci Group Launches a Double Dose of Innovation:
Ultra-Thin and Single-Point
The DaVinci Group engineers have created an all-new architectural in-ceiling speaker optimized for shallow-depth mounting situations that will, for the first time, incorporate the company’s proprietary STT™ Stereo Tweeter Technology.
“Our new NFS-61-5CMSTT speaker offers integrators a superior performing thin-mount single-point stereo solution for low-depth mounting situations,” said Jeff Francisco, President of The DaVinci Group.
The NFS-64-5CMSTT is a remarkable speaker, delivering an amazing single-point stereo sonic performance that rivals other companies normal depth models — and does it in a speaker that is less than an incredible 50mm thin (less than 2 inches!)
More details… [read more]
Limited Depth Mounting, Full Depth Sound →
Analog Sales
Analog Renaissance?
Yes, really…analog! Or at least, analog-ish…
In January of this year, the consumer electronics industry kicked off 2016 with its annual migration to the hallowed halls of technology at CES. As you might expect, products at the forefront of the digital technology wave were displayed in great numbers: high dynamic range (HDR) TVs, drones, virtual reality systems, self-driving cars, refrigerators with digital display screens in them, and more.
But what caught the attention of many in the media was the surprising number of all-new analog products introduced with the same amount of flair and pizzazz as the most contemporary digital gadgets. [read more]
What’s Behind this Analog Renaissance? →
Internet of Things
Factors Behind the Consumer Push Back Against Internet of Things (IoT) Devices
For a couple of years now, our industry has been buzzing about the growing influence of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Industry gurus predict huge growth of the market as more sensors are developed and more devices get intelligent and connected.
Yet studies show a skeptical, or at least reluctant, consumer. While there has been some indication that consumers are growing to appreciate smart home devices, a study last year showed that only about 3 out of 10 internet users owned such a device. And growth in sales of IoT devices seems stagnant.
What is behind the “wait and see” attitude in consumers? [read more]
The Consumer Barriers to Buying IoT Devices →
The DaVinci Group Wins Residential System’s “Stellar Service Award”
2nd Win in a Row for Speaker Manufacturer, Recipient of Gold Level Award in the “Warranty/Return Policy/Tech Support” Category
Why TDG Won Again →
Residential Systems Stellar Service Award
Residential Systems Magazine, a trade magazine covering the residential systems integration industry, has awarded The DaVinci Group a Stellar Service Award for 2015. In this, the third year that the industry trade magazine has offered this award program, TDG was presented with a Gold Level Award for the “Warranty/Return Policy/Tech Support” category, up against some very stiff competition.
We are honored that integrators picked The DaVinci Group again for a Stellar Service Award. For those of you who voted for us, we want to say Thank You! [read more]