Clients considering installing a dedicated home theater can often impose design constraints that add extra challenges to the equipment list for that theater. In some cases, clients nix high-performance tower style speakers, either because they don’t like the look or they just don’t want to lose the floor space. In either event, this can force integrators to resort to typical in-wall/in-ceiling speakers that are primarily designed for multi-zone distributed audio systems…not high-power dedicated theater systems.

To address this situation, TDG Audio has launched an exciting new series of powerful speakers that sets a dramatic new direction in dedicated theater design called the Signature Series. TDG Audio engineers have designed in-wall speakers that bridge the gap by offering true high-performance, high sound pressure level, professional theater grade performance in a space-saving in-wall configuration.

These Speakers are Brutes

The Signature Series are large-format, heavy-duty speakers that are designed specifically for dedicated home theaters and come with several design innovations that bring a level of performance not previously available in an in-wall configuration.

Weighing around 35 pounds each, these speakers are brutes. Due to their large form factor (26”x17”), Signature Series models feature unbelievably robust construction, including a one-piece steel frame, an integrated high-grade MDF back-box for better performance control, and a new mounting system that attaches the speakers directly into 16” on-center studs – virtually eliminating the possibility of any performance-robbing mechanical vibration.

The first two models in the series – the IWLCR-66 and the IWS-210 – are shipping now and you’re going to want to get your hands on them as soon as possible. From the moment you install them in your next dedicated theater project and power them up…you’re going to realize you’ve never before heard performance like this from an in-wall speaker.

IWLCR-66 – A Theater WorkhorseTDG's IWLCR-66 Signature Series

The IWLCR-66 is a unique, large-format, in-wall, full-range speaker based on dual 6½” heavy-duty drivers designed to be the front left/center/right speakers in a professionally designed and installed dedicated theater. This is not your father’s in-wall speaker…but a hefty brute that is a powerful combination of high efficiency (91dB) with high power handling capability (up to 150 watts) – a set of characteristics that assures installations based on Signature Series speakers will effortlessly deliver true commercial-theater-level performance.

With its rigid steel construction, powerful four-driver configuration, and a substantial weight of 36 pounds – this speaker is ready to deliver a powerful, yet nuanced, performance of your favorite movie…whether a special effects-laden blockbuster action picture…or a multi-tissue romantic period piece.

The IWLCR-66 components include two 6½” heavy-duty woofers, one 4” midrange driver, and a ¾” silk dome wide-dispersion tweeter. All of these components are housed in a back-box constructed from a high-grade, exceptionally rigid MDF to better control the performance of the speaker.

IWS-210 – Making Music and Special Effects Even More Special

Photo of Signature Series IWS-210Want to go one-notch higher on the theoretical scale of theater design perfection? Then TDG’s now-shipping IWS-210 in-wall subwoofer is your answer. A key part of the new Signature Series, the IWS-210 utilizes a 10” carbon fiber subwoofer and a 10” carbon fiber passive radiator which combine to effectively reproduce the lower octaves of much deeper bass for more dramatic music performance – and more exciting special effects and explosions that will truly rock your clients’ world.

The IWS-210 has the same robust construction of all of the Signature Series models including one-piece steel frame construction, high-grade MDF back-box, heavy duty drivers, unique mounting system, and more,  to deliver true reference grade theater performance in your dedicated theater installations. It also features the high efficiency and high power handling capabilities of other Signature Series models with an ability to handle up to 200 watts for truly thunderous effects.

A key component of the IWS-210 is its carbon fiber woofer and carbon fiber passive radiator. Carbon fiber is a material that is both extremely light and at the same time extremely rigid – making it a great choice for speakers as it provides for true pistonic movement and extremely low distortion performance. Often found in expensive, high-end speaker systems, TDG engineers found it a perfect option for a reference grade theater speaker system.

Works Great with Vanguard Dynamics SDA-200

Vanguard Dynamics SDA-200 croppedThe IWS-210 will work with any good amplifier, but we highly recommend from our sister company the Vanguard Dynamics SDA-200 Digital Mono Subwoofer Amplifier with 200 watts of crystal clear power is a perfect match for low distortion, high power performance.

The TDG Audio Signature Series brings a whole new sound signature to dedicated theater installations and is bound to become the “go-to” speaker of choice for any integrator that installs high-performance dedicated theaters.

Contact your local TDG Audio sales representative today to get your hands on the remarkable Signature Series. Once you’ve heard Signature Series, you won’t want to build a dedicated home theater with any other sound signature.