A Journey to Spread Happiness

TEAM TDG: Joyce Paulin-Farley

If you’re lucky…as a The DaVinci Group (TDG) dealer, sales rep, or distributor, you’ll have the opportunity to work with TDG’s Joyce Paulin-Farley. Joyce is easy to talk to, always friendly, usually laughing and – most importantly – ready to help on any issue at a moment’s notice. She’s also TDG’s Director of Operations, a big job that pulls her into many aspects of the company’s business. As things can get busy at the growing company, Joyce is a moving target, handling accounting issues one moment…picking up the phone to help with a customer service issue the next…and even rushing to unload a truck, if necessary. Yet she retains her friendly demeanor…even under pressure.

Where does that ability to effortlessly handle so many different tasks in a relentlessly cheerful and friendly manner come from?

From an Island Paradise

Joyce’s journey began on the beautiful island of Guam, part of Micronesia, in the far West Pacific. Guam is a U.S. Territory and like many islands in the Pacific, features golden beaches and azure waters leading to the unsurprising fact that tourism is Guam’s number one industry. Joyce spent the better part of her early years there until she graduated from high school.

Seeking to spread her wings and to see more of the world, Joyce decided to go to college on the U.S. mainland, ultimately enrolling in the University of West Florida. Through a mutual friend, she met Silas Farley, a culinary school graduate living in Californa with a good job as a cook.

From Guam to Florida to California

It wasn’t long before Joyce found her way to California, got married to Silas, and now has a full family with two rambunctious boys, Seth (5 years old) and Jayce (2 years old).  And also after moving to California, Joyce found herself working for SpeakerCraft and Proficient. It was here where she learned the fundamentals of the custom integration industry, learning not only about the business, but also getting to know many of our industry’s reps and dealers.


It was also at SpeakerCraft that Joyce had the opportunity to work with TDG founder Alex Chiou and TDG President and CEO Jeff Francisco. When TDG was launched, Joyce was an obvious choice to run operations, as she was extremely experienced and well-regarded by all who worked with her. And Joyce makes no bones about it – she loves working at TDG.

Working with Friends in a Family Atmosphere

“At TDG, I’m working with my friends,” Joyce said. “Not only Jeff and Alex, who are like family to me, but also the reps and dealers that I’ve worked with for years. It is definitely a fun place that I enjoy to work at.”

At TDG, as Director of Operations, Joyce gets involved in many different areas of the company – accounting, HR (human resources), logistics, customer service, payroll, and more.

The Challenge of Spreading Happiness

“I like to be hands-on and in the know,” Joyce told us. “I want to avoid things slipping though the cracks, so I have no problem helping the sales guys…or even the shipping team. There’s always somebody here to make sure the dealers are happy.”

Joyce particularly loves the challenge of receiving a call from a dealer who is upset about something. She will do whatever it takes to make sure that call ends with a happy dealer – and she has the follow-up fan mail from many of these dealers to prove her very high rate of success.

Like we said, you should be so lucky to have the opportunity to work with Joyce.