integrated-systems-russion-logoDid you know that The DaVinci Group is distributed around the world? That’s right, TDG fans are everywhere…even in Russia! And everywhere there are consumers who appreciate good sound, and dealers who want to install the best, TDG is available. (See our complete list of distributors around the globe by clicking the link here…)

With this being the case, The DaVinci Group President and CEO Jeff Francisco has travelled all the way to Russia to meet with dealers there and answer their questions about TDG Audio and Vanguard Dynamics products. TDGAudio is a participant in the Integrated Systems Russia (ISR) show kicking off today (October 31) and running through November 2 in Moscow.

The TDG booth is packed at ISR
The TDG booth is packed as dealers learn all about the spectacular Signature Series by TDGAudio.

The DaVinci Group is displaying its latest lineup of architectural speakers, amplifiers and more in conjunction with its Russian distributor – KMR. Although the show just kicked off, Jeff tells us it’s going very well. The crowds are larger than expected…and apparently interested in the best sounding speakers. High performance, it seems, is a language spoken all around the world.

Jeff Francisco in Russia
The DaVinci Group President and CEO Jeff Francisco at the Integrated Systems Russia show kicking off this week.

Not only that, but quality, it seems, is also a univeral language. All of which means that TDG products – which offer an optimal mix of high quality, and affordable pricing – are selling extremely well in Russia. So it’s no wonder that more dealers are flocking to ISR to learn more about TDGAudio and Vanguard Dynamics products.

Highlighted in the KMR booth is the popular TDG Signature Series, the ultimate in high-performance in-wall loudspeaker systems. It appears that our comrades overseas are as interested in accurate reproduction of great movie sound…including explosive special effects…as we are here in the states. Jeff tells us he is hearing “da” a lot – not a “nyet” yet!