TDG Invents a New Product Category: SKYBAR

With SKYBAR, Drill Just 3 Holes to Get 7 Channels

The design and engineering team at The DaVinci Group has pulled off something rarely seen – they have created a whole new product category. Showed in prototype form for the first time at CEDIA 2017 last month, this new product is called SKYBAR. With SKYBAR, TDG has actually figured out how to create a true architectural in-ceiling soundbar that is professional quality and can be installed with pride by integrators.

How big of a deal is the SKYBAR? Even top trade journal CEPro Magazine noticed:

“Look, up in the sky (or in this case, the ceiling)… it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s a… soundbar? Jeff Francisco, president and CEO of The DaVinci Group, Inc. (TDG) might not be Superman, but he can lay claim to perhaps being one of the only exhibitors at CEDIA 2017 who invented an entirely new product category: the in-ceiling soundbar. Indeed, the company showed its new Skybar LCR architectural audio system that includes an in-ceiling soundbar, along with satellite speakers.” Read the whole article here…

Meet the SKYBAR

SKYBAR draws its inspiration from the increasingly popular soundbar, an all-in-one, multichannel box of speakers favored by consumers. But clients don’t always want a big box of speakers sitting on a shelf or visibly hung on a wall.

Other companies have tried, but no one has successfully created a true architectural in-ceiling/in-wall soundbar…until now.


There are two different models in the SKYBAR line created by TDG engineers. First up is the SKYBAR LCR – a single box with with 6-3″ full range driver array and one 1″ soft dome tweeter. This is not your father’s soundbar. SKYBAR uses high-performance drivers for superior sound quality. It is also a true architectural speaker designed to be mounted in-ceiling or in-wall with paintable metal grill and TDG’s famous LIFETIME WARRANTY.

skybar lcr soundbarThe SKYBAR LCR can be configured as three independent channels representing the left/center/right channels in a surround setup. Or, especially in the case of a large room, the entire box can be one channel so the integrator can install three SKYBARS for the left/center/right channgel if they so desire.

SKYBAR Satellite

The second SKYBAR model is called the SKYBAR Satellite. The SKYBAR Satellite is designed to give the integrator a simple way to set up any one of a number of surround configurations. The unit contains 2-3″ full range speakers for surround. And it contains an additional 3″ full range driver mounted such that it drives into a reflecting arc, to be used either for surround, or rear, or height channels. It is an incredibly clever design that can operate in a 1-channel configuration for all surround…or in a 2-channel configuration for surrround/rear…or surround/height.

skybar satellite soundbarTDG CEO Jeff Francisco calls the new SKYBAR system the Swiss Army Knife of the architectural speaker segment. With SKYBAR Satellite, you can install them horizontally for side and rear surround…or you can mount them vertically for surround and “height” speakers, such as would be useful in an system with advanced surround technology.

Easy to Install

“TDG’s SKYBAR system is the result of deep collaboration with TDG dealers, who told us that they needed a solution where the aesthetics of the installation require a lower impact design rather than multiple individual component speakers,” Jeff Francisco says. “With our new SKYBAR solution, initegrators can fulfill their clients’ request and do so without sacrificing sound quality for a tremendous seven-channel home theater performance out of just three diminutive in-ceiling or in-wall boxes”

A SKYBAR system is incredibly easy to install in either a wall or a ceiling or – in perhaps the most common case – in a soffit. For just three holes, the integrator can easily provide a full 7-channel surround installation. The fully boxed system uses the familiar mounting dog system for quick and easy installation that integrators are very familiar and comfortable with.

Pricing for the SKYBAR system is tentatively estimated as: SKYBAR LCR, $1,000 MSRP…SKYBAR Satellite, $1,000 MSRP. Availability has not yet been announced, so be sure to touch base with your local The DaVinci Group rep and let them know you want SKYBAR just as soon as it arrives.