Team TDG: John Turchinetz

TDG Regional Sales Manager John Turchintez travels his extensive territory with an almost evangelical zeal, well beyond that of your typical sales manager, because unlike the typical sales manager Turchinetz (known to many of us as John T) comes from the field – first as a independent sales representative (with the Jarmac Group), then as a dealer (Crane’s Sound & Vision on Cape Cod). As a seasoned road warrior, he knows the road…but more importantly, as a one-time dealer, he really knows the challenges that today’s dealers face – and he stands ready to provide the solutions that pave their way to profit.

A long time body builder, John T. cuts an imposing figure. He works hard at it too – you’ll find him in the gym six days a week – and he says his favorite time of the day is 5:00-7:00AM when he’s working out. But as his dealers know, his main purpose is to pump their business up!

A New Englander Who Loves Lacrosse…and Barbecue!

Photo of Turchintez family
This ridiculously photogenic family is the Turchintez family: Trisha, Lila, Jake and John

A lifelong resident of New England, John lives in Plymouth, MA with his wife Tricia and his two adorable children: 9-year old Jake and 6-year old Lyla. The Turchinetz family is very active: Jake has been playing lacrosse since he was 4, and Lyla is now getting into soccer. John and Tricia find their weekends busy as they race from game to game supporting their kids. And John also helps out as a lacrosse coach as well.

Another favorite pastime on the weekends for the Turchinetz family is cooking out – John has become a proficient meat smoker and barbecue chef on his pit barrel cooker. He tells us he whips up a mean batch of wings, ribs, and roasts – “I’m obsessed with barbecuing.”

A Date with Destiny

There have been many pivotal moments in John T’s life, one of which is when he first met a new co-worker at Cranes, who upon hearing his name asked his family nationality. When John told her his family hails from the Ukraine, she remarked that was her family background as well. “That’s it,” John suddenly proclaimed as he slapped his hand on the table for emphasis, “You’re mine.” A dogged salesman who won’t take no for an answer, a few short years later, Tricia and John were married.

Was that luck…or was it – as is engraved in their wedding bands – destiny?

Similarly, while at Crane’s Sound & Vision, John made the decision for the retailer to buy and support a little-known, brand new company, The DaVinci Group. Little did John know that shortly…he would be employed by the upstart integration brand, selling class-leading architectural audio loudspeakers and amplifiers.

Lacrosse team
Lacrosse is a favorite of the Turchinetz family

Talks to Dealers in Their Language

To this day, John’s experience as a TDG dealer informs his presentations as a TDG regional sales manager to dealers throughout his territory.

“When I’m talking to a dealer, I’m sharing experiences based on being a former TDG dealer,” John says. “’This is why I chose TDG, this is what I experienced, this is how we watched our profitability grow, this is why TDG fit the bill,’ I’m always coming back to the formula that I used when I was using TDG as a dealer.”

And his dealers listen, because this is not the kind of “pitch” they get from other sales managers.

“It’s not a typical factory pitch,” John T emphasizes, “it’s more like a testimonial. I just want to help dealers find more success and make more money.”

Traveling the Territory

John T at a dealer show in New York
John T at a dealer show in New York

The TDG sales team is a dedicated bunch, and with a large territory, John T is often on the road. His territory includes all of New England, New York, Mid-Atlantic, Ohio Valley, Indiana/Kentucky, Michigan, and Florida. Does he ever get tired of traveling?

“I love heading out to a territory…I really do,” John T says. “I like meeting with dealers, working with reps – I like that whole thing, I really do. That’s why I get excited to head out on the road.”

CEDIA 2017 marked John T’s fourth year with the company and he marvels at how fast the company has grown and how his sales situation has changed. In the early days, it was all about educating the market about who TDG is, and what it was all about.

Why Dealers Should Go With TDG

Now, he says: “Any dealer, on any given day, can have his pick of 30 or 40 architectural brands – many of which have expanded into every category,” John says earnestly. “So now, it’s all about the unique elements of TDG. We’re an audio company – Jeff Francisco has been making speakers for 25 years. We’re an audio company that’s focused on speakers and amplifiers.

“And at the end of the day, we’re better built, we’re better sounding, great warranty, great post-sale service – and that’s why dealers should go with TDG.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves John!