Sell More Subwoofers with the SA-8125 Amplifier


It’s all about the SUB-OUTS…

The SA-8125 Multi-Channel Amplifier can help you sell more subwoofers because of its dedicated sub-outs on channels 1 & 2.  This feature not only presents you with a great opportunity to offer multiple powered subwoofer solutions for your customers, but it allows you to do so with less equipment and less hassle during installation.

Problem. Solved.

“Many amplifiers on the market don’t offer sub-outs and so people are faced with either having a system with no low-frequency extension, or they’re forced to add additional equipment. The added cost and complexity of that kind of system, makes for a tough sale for both the installer AND and customer.”


-Alex Chiou | CTO, The DaVinci Group


Build Quality & Power

The SA-8125 is a high-performance true 8 channel x 125 watts all channels driven amplifier.  Each part of the SA-8125 has been carefully considered and built for the best possible performance. That’s why in many models where others would use digital power suppliers we have chosen large toroidal copper power supplies. We back all of this confidence in our performance and reliability with a unique 5-year warranty.



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