Hi. This is Jeff Francisco with The Davinci Group.

First off, I just wanted to with you, your families, and your co-workers, all the very best and to remain safe out there.

What I wanted to share with you today was of lesser importance than what’s really happening around us right now. I thought it was important to keep you updated on what’s going on over here.

The Davinci Group is operating normally, our family’s fine. We do have a number of contingency plans in place should the need arise.

As many of you know, we ship from two locations domestically which is an advantage, and we have received assurances from our logistics partners that they intend to continue normal operations with no interruptions.

In better news which you may have heard, is that things are getting back to normal in China.

We have actually received word from our manufacturing partners that they are up and operating normally in full capacity.

There are a few hickups, but really none that should impact us or your business seriously.

In other good news, we expect a shipment to depart from China within the next two weeks.

So that means our capability to supply products on a regular basis and keep them in stock for supply will not be interrupted.

UPDATE: We have shipments on the water now, with more shipments leaving in two weeks.

As always, the team at TDG is here to answer any of your questions, and to help out.

Please reach out to us if you have any concerns or questions.

You can look for further updates on our Blog, our website, TDGAudio.com.

If you’d like to readch out to me directly, please do at JFrancisco@tdgaudio.com

Thanks much, and all the best.

~ Jeff Francisco
CEO & President, The Davinci Group