TDG Audio, a California company founded in 2012 by world renowned custom integration veterans, with a long history of creating many of the most iconic architectural audio products for some of the best-known brands in the industry. Our level of experience enables TDG Audio to deliver world-class engineering and innovation and provides its customers cutting-edge products that offer ‘best in class’ performance.

TDG offers a portfolio of high-quality installed speakers for In-Wall and In-Ceiling Home Theatre and whole house, and outdoor applications with award winning performance and customer service.


Jeff Francisco

"Innovator of

Jeff Francisco’s interest in music started at a young age when he became a musician. His interest and abilities grew to the point he received a degree in music performance and became a professional musician and composer in the Los Angeles music scene playing and recording with a wide variety of classical, jazz, and pop music artists.

In 1985, Jeff joined SpeakerCraft and got an engineering education from the ground up in loudspeaker design, R&D, and manufacturing. He oversaw the development of the world’s first custom home installed speakers for now legendary brands. Shortly after the SpeakerCraft brand of architectural speakers was launched Jeff took over R&D responsibilities. He oversaw the successful introduction of hundreds of speaker and electronic products. He holds loudspeaker patents and introduced many new technologies to the industry.

In 2012, Jeff became CEO & President of The DaVinci Group – TDG Audio. He brought with him not only his engineering expertise but also his passion for music. His uncompromising approach to the best possible music reproduction is something he learned in recording studios and applies to every product he designs at TDG.