12-Channel Amplifier

Built to audiophile standards, the DA-1260 is a powerful 6-zone, 12-channel amplifier is a perfect way to expand any audio system to more areas of the home, office, restaurant, or retail store.


4 Channel Amplifier

The Vitru4 Amplifier is a highly versatile and efficient audio solution with an impressive power output of 120 watts per channel into 4 ohms, 8 ohms or 70/100v.


500W Mono High Power Dual Subwoofer Amplifier

While the SUBAMP-500 is built to strict audiophile standards, it has controls that allow it to be flexible and become a perfect match for any environment.


Satellite and Subwoofer Amplifier

At the heart of every great audio system is a power amplifier. It’s what brings the system to life. The DA-2.1 gives you the power you need to amp up a subwoofer and a left and right channel.


Universal Streaming Amplifier

The VAIL CAST is a compact universal streaming amplifier that brings the best audio experience for single-zone or whole-home audio.