Sell More Subwoofers with the SA-8125 Amplifier

It’s all about the SUB-OUTS… The SA-8125 Multi-Channel Amplifier can help you sell more subwoofers because of its dedicated sub-outs on channels 1 & 2.  This feature not only presents you with a great opportunity to offer multiple powered subwoofer … Continued

Technology Integrator 2015 Excite Awards

The DaVinci Group Vanguard Dynamics DA-2050 Amplifier   The DA-2050 is a two channel integrated audio amplifier. It has features a two channel 50 watt amplifier and multiple features. It has a small form factor that allows it to easily … Continued

Residential Systems

Residential Systems Readers Select Stellar Service Award Winners December 9, 2013 By RS Staff The results are in from Residential Systems magazine’s first Stellar Service Awards reader poll honoring manufacturers and distributors for their exceptional customer service/communication, sales and marketing … Continued