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DA-8125 Specifications

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Signature Series High Power Multi-Channel Amplifier

8 Channel Amplifier

Our team has decades of experience in amplifier design and has put all of it into this outstanding line of amplifiers. While they are built to audiophile standards they provide features that are needed for flexible multi-room installations. Multiple subwoofer outputs, easy assignment of sources to channels and optical inputs are standard on each amplifier.

Every part of the amplifier has been carefully considered and built for the best possible performance. While other manufactures would use digital power supplies we use toroidal copper power supplies for reliability and performance. We have chosen a smaller manufacturing partner that only does amplifiers and has a decades long history of manufacturing some of the best amplifiers ever made. We back all this confidence in our performance and reliability with a unique 5-year warranty.


• Toroidal Transformer Digital Amplifier Design

• 3U Rack Height

• Subwoofer Outputs for Channels 1 and 2

• Auto On/Off w/ 3-24V AC/DC Trigger Input for Remote Power On

• 12V Trigger Output to Power On Other Devices with Voltage Trigger

• DigiPro Class D Amplifier Design for Maximum Sound Quality and Cooling

• AUX and Optical Inputs with Control Trigger

• Internal Bus-Pass for Multiple Amp Use

• Independent Level Controls for Each Channel

• Includes Rack Ears


• Manufactured by TDG Audio


Rated Power Output:

• 2 Channel Driven
– 150Watts/8Ω 0.05%THD 1KHz
– 250Watts/4Ω 0.05%THD 1KHz
– 125Watts/8Ω 0.1%THD 20-20KHz
– 200Watts/4Ω 0.1%THD 20-20KHz

• 8 Channel Driven
– 120Watts/8Ω 0.05%THD 1KHz
– 180Watts/4Ω 0.05%THD 1KHz
– 100Watts/8Ω 0.1%THD 20-20KHz
– 150Watts/4Ω 0.1%THD 20-20KHz

• Input Impedance:
– >12KΩ for Line Input
– >22KΩ for Bus Input

• S/N Ratio: (A-WTD) >100 dB

• Frequency Response: 20Hz to 45KHz

• Sampling Frequency: 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 96KHz, 192KHz

• Input Sensitivity: 1V for Rated Output (CD, Bus, Line)

• Damping Factor: >50

• Separation: 60dB at 1KHz

• Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.01% 20Hz to 20kHz

• 24bit DAC IC: CS4395

• Optical Input Level: -15 ~ -12dBm (660nm)

• Auto ON Sensitivity: 8mV, Auto ON Delay Time: 5 Seconds, Auto OFF Delay Time: 5 Minutes

• Fuse Rating: 120V Version: T12AH/250V

• Power Consumption: 1250W, Idle Power Consumption: 6W

• Dimensions:
– 435mm (W) X 132mm (H) X 384mm (D)
– 17.125″(W) X 5.25”(H) X 15.25”(D)
– Weight 18.80 KGS/ 41.4 lbs



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