I’m having trouble connecting using Apple Home.

If you have a Wi-Fi network with both 2G and 5G connections and are setting up using your iPhone or iPad, make sure you are connected via 5G when doing the setup. This may be the issue.

I’m trying to connect via Google Home but I’m getting an AP (Access Point) Isolation notice.

This is related to your router and not a function of VAIL Cast. You will have to disable the AP on your router to connect the VAIL Cast Chromecast functions.

Do I need to connect it via Ethernet?

No. The VAIL Cast can be connected to your network via Wi-Fi and all the same, functions will be available as on your LAN. We recommend connecting via Ethernet if it will be placed in a spot with poor or questionable Wi-Fi coverage.


Is there a VAIL Cast App?

There is no App necessary for the normal operation of VAIL Cast as it relies upon the platform you choose. However, there is a one-time App that is needed to give it permission to use Alexa. Full details can be found in the instructions.

Do I have to use just one service (Apple, Google, Alexa) with VAIL Cast?

You can use as few or as many as you want.VAIL Cast is smart enough to switch between platforms.It will always assume that the newest one is the one you want and will switch to that for the device(s) you are addressing. For example, if you are using VAIL Cast with Apple Airplay but then ask it to play something from YouTube music it will switch from the Airplay Source and to the Google YouTubeMusicSource.

How do I Setup Multi-Room Audio when using multiple VAIL Casts?

VAIL Cast works with the configurations for multiroom and automation available within each of the service apps.To set up multiroom go to the respective App, Apple Home, Google Home, or Alexa, and set it up there.

Can I integrate VAIL Cast with any other control systems?

VAIL Cast is not addressable directly by any platform other than those listed, Alexa, Apple, Google etc. However, it does function as an “amplified speaker” on those platforms so can often by addressed indirectly as other control systems issue commands to Alexa, Sir or Google etc.

How many streams does the VAIL Cast have?

VAIL Cast access countless audio streams through the various platforms it supports but only one is available at a time.

Can I use the VAIL Cast just as a source?

Yes, you can. Simply use the AUX out. You can choose not to use the built in VAIL Cast amplifier or simply use an additional amplifier to power other rooms and locations. Only the one source at a time that the VAIL Cast provides will be available.

How many VAIL Casts can I use in a system?

We have no limitations within our hardware. Any limiting factors would depend on the network being used or the services being used.

If I hook up a source to the Optical or Aux-in on one VAIL Cast, can I hear it on other VAIL Casts in the System?

The source inputs (OPTICAL IN & AUX IN) on each VAIL Cast are local. Sources connected to them can only be heard on that VAIL Cast.


All I have in the wall is a CAT5/6 Cable. Can I use that to run power to theVAIL Cast?

No, even when bundled there will not be enough current for the VAIL Cast to operate properly.

How many VAIL Casts can I run off one power supply?

Each VAIL Cast needs its own power supply. Each VAIL Cast should be powered using the power supply that came with it. If you will be mounting many of them and running power to a remote location a simple power strip can be used to group them.

Can I extend the power cable? How far can I extend it?

You can extend the D.C.end of the power cable.It can be extended up to approximately 100 meters (300 feet). To extend you will have to disconnect the plug from the end that plugs into the VAIL Cast and connect it to your new cable. You will need to splice that cable into the existing one via a reliable method such as a butt connection or solder. Make sure you have a reliable electrical and mechanical connection that is insulated. It is important that you also maintain correct polarity. The back of the VAIL Cast is marked with polarity. Also, note that the black wire does have one wire that has dashed lines in it. That is the positive wire. We recommend using 18 AWG or larger wire.


What is the 4ohms/8ohms switch for?

When one pair of speakers is connected to the VAIL Cast keep the switch in the 8ohms setting. If you will have two pairs of speakers connected switch to the 4ohms setting.

What speakers should I use?

The DaVinci Group through our Vanguard Dynamics and TDG Audio brands offer a huge assortment of architectural and outdoor speakers that can be used. You can also choose a bookshelf or floor-standing speaker of your choice.

How do I connect a Subwoofer?

You can use the AUX out to connect to the audio input of a subwoofer amplifier.


When I mount VAIL Cast in the wall how do I run the cables out of the wall or to a remote location?

Due to the many possible wiring configurations, we do not supply a standard wall plate for wires to exit the wall as we do with the VAIL Amps. We, therefore, recommend using a low voltage pass-through wall plate of your choosing.

Can I rack mount the VAIL Cast?

Yes, you can rack mount the VAIL Cast. There are some suppliers that have rack plates available that will hold double gang wall plates. We recommend the Atlas part number BB-PLT-PNL. When rack-mounted, you may also choose to use the Ethernet connections to assure the best connectivity.

Do I have to worry about heat when I mount it in the wall?

VAIL Cast is designed to operate coolly within a standard “stud bay” with drywall. If you will be placing it into another setting it must have some form of ventilation as it can’t be sealed off completely at the back.

I plan on putting VAIL Casts into multiple units in a hotel or condo setting (MDUs). How do I keep guests or owners from using someone else’s VAIL Cast?

With Wi-Fi functionality, each would have to be on its own network. The Bluetooth pairing is only available during pairing and then remains hidden therefore that would be protected as well.

I connected another IR receiver other than the one that came in the box, and it is not working. What’s wrong?

VAIL Cast is designed to work with only 3Volt IR receivers. The one you have plugged in is likely not 3 volts.


Do I have to use the controls on the front to operate the VAIL Cast? 

For normal operating functions, you do not need to use the front controls. All the standard controls are available via the respective Apps on your mobile device or another platform (Apple, Google, Alexa, etc.) devices. If you have connected the IR Receiver and programmed the VAIL Cast IR you can also use an IR remote to control volume and mute. You will need to use the front controls when performing certain setup features such as Bluetooth pairing, IR learning or factory reset so you should make sure you have access to them.

How do I switch between the optical or aux input and streaming?

The VAIL Cast will automatically switch to the last source requested.

There are no lights showing. Is it on?

If you have set up VAIL Cast and it is plugged in it is on. When not in use it will go into standby, and no lights will show on the front. It will wake up nearly instantly when asked to play something. You can also place it on standby by holding the mute button down for 3 seconds.

Do I need to turn the VAIL Cast off when not using it?

No. The VAIL cast will enter a standby mode, an intelligent “Off” when not in use and awaken quickly when asked to play.

How do I update the firmware? Is updated firmware available?

We always seek to make our products the best they can be, and this may occasionally mean firmware updates. The VAIL Cast comes out of the box ready to receive updates automatically when first powered up and connected. No action is needed on your part. It will periodically look for updated firmware and install it if available. When updating firmware, the CAST light will blink multiple colors for the duration of the installation.

I’ve programmed my TV remote to control the volume when I have my TV connected to the Optical Input. Can I use it to control the volume on other sources?

Yes. Once a remote is programmed you can use it to control the volume on all sources playing.