NFC Series Architectural Speaker Feature Callouts


Download the PDF of this file here: TDG-Audio-NFC-Series-Speakers-Feature-Callouts-LTR-1.pdf

🤔 Looking for a Speaker that Blends Engineering Excellence with Unmatched Sound Quality? 🎵

🚀 Meet the NFC Series from TDG AUDIO! Engineered for those who demand the best in audio performance. Check out these standout features:

🎶 Pivoting 1 Inch High Frequency Tweeters – Crystal-clear highs that adapt to your space.

🔊Three-Position Bass Adjustments – Customize your bass for the ultimate listening experience.

💧 XTS Moisture Seal Treated Crossover – Your sound stays protected, come rain or shine.

🛡️ Integrated Rear Debris Cover – Keeping internals clean for peak performance.

🔩 Effortless Installation – With pre-threaded holes and extra wide screws, plus our quick dogleg fastening system.

🐕 Adjustable Detachable 2 Part Dogleg – Fits surfaces from Zero to 1.5 Inch thick with ease.

🧲 Raised 0.5mm Neodymium Magnets – Eliminate vibration for a flawless sound.

💪 Large and Heavy Motor Structures – For superior power handling.

🎚️ Three Position Treble Adjustments – Tailor your treble to your taste.

👌 EZ Hold Tweeter Bridge – Ergonomic handling during installation.

🔊 Powerful 8 and 6.5 Inch Woofers – For deep, precise bass.

🔄 One Piece Woofer and Baffle Frame Design – Ensures maximum rigidity and sound quality.

🔗 Anti-Corrosion Gold Plated Terminals – With strong spring strength to keep wires secure.

🎵 Ready to experience the pinnacle of sound engineering? Dive into the world of the NFC Series.

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