May 2015 Aviso Newsletter – GOOD NEWS… You’ve Earned an Upgrade!

GOOD NEWS…You’ve Earned an Upgrade!
by Jeff Francisco, President
If you travel at all, you know that the words, “You’ve been upgraded,” are magical – they mean your travel experience is about to get significantly better.
Since you’re travelling the AV road with us here at The DaVinci Group, we’re very pleased to inform you that you’re getting an upgrade.
Jeff Francisco
That’s right – we are upgrading your regular email experience from The DaVinci Group! Starting with this issue… [more]
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New Surround Sound Technologies
New Surround Sound Technologies Expected to Stoke Consumer Interest in Home Theater
Yankee baseball great Yogi Berra once famously said, “It’s like deja-vu all over again.” After a long period of relative stability in surround sound technology development, over the last few months we’ve seen the emergence of three new surround sound technologies from the world’s preeminent creators of such technology – Dolby Laboratories, DTS, and Belgium’s Auro3D. And like deja-vu all over again…we’re back to selling step-up home theater again!
But just what will happen with this new industry push of three new, but different surround systems? [more]
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TDG to Exhibit at Tech Summit West
Company President Jeff Francisco in Attendance to Answer Questions
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Technology and Business Summit
The DaVinci Group (TDG) is exhibiting at Southern California’s Technology & Business Summit taking place today, May 12th in Los Angeles and Thursday, May 14th in Orange County, CA. Not only are we showing a selection of our product line, but we are also offering an excellent opportunity for dealers to meet with company President Jeff Francisco, who is personally attending the events.
Email us today if you want to schedule an appointment with Jeff at the Summit.