The DaVinci Group Launches New ‘Text TDG’ Sales Support Option, Contemporizing Dealer Connections

Company will Accept and Respond to SMS Texts of Questions, Requests, and Orders from Registered Users

The DaVinci Group, Inc. (TDG), an industry-leading manufacturer of architectural & landscape loudspeakers, multi-channel amplifiers, installation accessories and more, announced today that it has launched a new sales support option called “Text TDG.” With Text TDG, registered users will be able to communicate with various departments within The DaVinci Group via SMS texting, offering them a more direct and a more convenient support option.

Text TDG users will be able to ask questions, make requests, and even enter orders directly to the company, whether from the office, in the field, or on the road via their favorite mobile device. Users can communicate with TDG in real time, usually receiving a response more quickly than commonly experienced through other methods – typically within 15 minutes or less during
normal business hours.

In the case of after-hours texts, the user will typical hear from the company the morning of the following business day – although on occasion a response could come sooner than that.

SMS Texting: More Popular Than Ever

According to data analysis company Domo, over 913 million texts are sent every hour of every day around the world. There are many reasons for this incredible amount of usage, but the statistics make it clear that this form of digital communications will continue to grow in demand. While many businesses are set up to offer multiple sales support options like telephone, email, and fax – as is TDG – the fact is that very few have set up the appropriate business-class systems to offer SMS texting – this new and immensely popular form of communication. This is even true in the tech industry, yet with integrators often on job sites when they need a critical answer to a installation question…or they discover a need to quickly order a forgotten item –
texting is often their go-to option.

The same is so for a typical manufacturer’s sales force, both sales representative firms and distributors, who most often utilize a mobile sales teams serving a variety of geographic territories and constantly travelling. In scenario after scenario texting is not only a viable option, it is often the most preferred alternative.

“Our sales support team at The DaVinci Group is second to none and does a great job with our existing telephone, email, and fax support functions,” said Jeff Francisco, President and CEO of The DaVinci Group, Inc. “However, dealers tell us all the time how much they prefer texting for their business communications. Many of them already rely on texting for their internal company communications, and would like to extend that to brands like TDG. For that reason we have developed Text TDG – a new support option that allows them to ask questions, make requests, or place orders directly with our support team from their mobile device.”

Additional Program Details

Text TDG is now available to all The DaVinci Group dealers, sales representatives, and distributors in North America. Those who would like to take advantage of this new support option should register to participate by filling out a simple form at this link It will take less than two minutes to fill out this form and get set-up to participate. Once registered, participants receive a special telephone number to use for texting messages to TDG. Dealers can also call the company to have TDG support complete the registration form for them, if they would prefer.

Responses to all texts will be accomplished via a return text message bearing the name of the TDG support employee who is providing that response. Any orders entered via text will be confirmed both by return text and a separate email.

Contact your TDG Regional Sales Manager for more information on Text TDG or sign up and get started today!