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OS-82T Specifications

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Outdoor Weatherproof Speaker

The goal was to create the finest architectural speakers available. How is such a lofty goal achieved? It starts with a management team that has been designing products for the architectural audio market for over 20 years. One of those products resides in our industry’s Hall of Fame. The team’s experience and engineering expertise is then combined with passion to create speakers that stand apart from the ordinary. To us, great speakers create great music.

Our team is genuinely excited about music and still gets a thrill when we listen to our favorite music perfected on one of our newest creations. Of course, each of our speakers is backed by our LIFETIME WARRANTY.


• Integrated 70V/100V Transformer for Commercial Applications
– 70V Tap: 50W, 25W, 12.5W, and 6W
– 100V Tap: DNC, 50W, 25W, and 12.5W

• Slotted Bracket for Easy Install

• Rotating and Tilting Mounting System

• Available in White (W) or Black (B)

• XTS™ Outdoor Treatment

• Horn Waveplane Tweeter for Maximum Dispersion

• Port Plugs Included (For Use In High Splash Locations)


OS-82 black or white


• 8′′ (203.2mm) Aluminum Woofer High Excursion Drivers 

• 1′′ (13mm) Aluminum Tweeter

• 5/150 WPC Power Handling

• 89db SPL

• Impedance 8Ω/70V

• Frequency Response 50Hz – 20kHz


• Width: 11′′ (285mm)

• Height: 17.5′′ (443mm)

• Depth: 10.6′′ (270mm) w/o bracket / 13.4′′ (340mm) w/ bracket 

• Mounting Bracket included



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